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Do the Caregivers”Really” Care?

Mom and CocoAfter nine months of blatant denial, our family had to face the facts that Mom’s disturbing and sometimes bizarre behavior was an illness, Alzheimer or Dementia, whatever. Mom was not the same and she was not getting any better. The fact is she was getting worse and we were not equipped to care for her anymore. The great care-givers we had coming to her home were not adequate and Mom was rushed to the hospital and a rehabilitation center.
This was not good. The “over medicated” babbling, incoherent person was totally not Mom. After watching her lay in bed day-in and day-out, we chose, with constant reassurance, Brookdale Kettleman Lane, Lodi, CA Alzheimer’s Care.Brookdale Kettleman Lane
Well that was less than three weeks ago. The first week everything seemed fine. Week two, when we entered the facility, we couldn’t find Mom. The caretakers couldn’t find Mom. The search began! “You go that way and we will go this way. We will find her”. They did in another room, sleeping in someone’s bed?
The Medication Nurse told me that she had seen “Luella” walking down the hall and she said she was tired so “I told her to go to her room”.
I had to grab the desk as not to fall from shock. I asked how she could tell a person that does not know where she is or who her son is, to go to “her room”. Isn’t this a “Memory Care Facility”?
When they brought Mom out of the room, she was wearing someone’s shoes. We had just bought her new shoes that are still lost? Everyone at Brookdale Kettleman Lane has the same story, “That’s what they do.  The residents wander into other resident’s rooms taking things.”Brookdale Kettleman Lane BEDROOM
Now, I had been glad I was sitting down when the Director told me that “the residents have gone into my office and taken my soda, pens, papers, etc.” Now my view may be clouded but from where you are sitting, can you see Negligent?
Well, at 5:34am this morning we received a call from Brookdale Kettleman Lane stating that Mom had fallen (where?) and appeared to have broken her leg and the ambulance was taking her to the hospital. They wanted to know where?
They are about 6 blocks from Lodi Memorial. Isn’t that one of the questions on the “Book-like” form that we filled out upon placing her in Brookdale Kettleman Lane?Brookdale Kettleman Lane PIANO
Mom is one month shy of her 94th birthday and she has fallen and she is surely not feeling GREAT. Where would you take your Mom?
Now I can focus and I see “Indifference”. Yes, I know the pain is a little stronger for me.
Brookdale Kettleman Lane portrayed their facility and staff as the “All and ALL” for Memory care but when “I” called the facility (11 am) to inquire about what happened to Mom, I was presented with so much “rhetoric” and excuses about how they CAN NOT provide(State License) care that may have prevented this situation. The Director had NO IDEA THAT ANYTHING HAD HAPPENED?Brookdale Kettleman Lane 2
Now it is time for us to PRAY that Mom makes it through this ordeal and for me to make sure another’s’ “LOVED ONE” does not meet the same fate. Mom broke her hip in an “un-witnessed event” at Brookdale Kettleman Lane.
Mom will have surgery today.
The doctor advised us of the anesthesia side effects for Mom since she is “so frail.”2015-07-26 14.42.28

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