Tires- What’s your need and your responsibility?


Tires- What’s your need and your responsibility?TIRE WORLD BRIDGE
When it comes to tires, is safety your first thought? Or is it Price?
I ‘m not trying to put anyone in the “hot seat”. I ‘m just asking a question.

Well before you answer that question, do you have the need for a dependable tire and service provider? TIRE WORLD TF logo
Since 1952, TF Tire & Service has been providing the best tires at the best prices possible to customers anywhere in the Central California area. Whether you need retail tires, commercial tires, farm tires, industrial tires, or OTR tires, TF Tire & Service has “Everything you need for everything you drive!” TF Tire & Service carries name brand tires including those from Bridgestone, Firestone, Cooper, and many more.tire world logoI’ve known Dave as the one to assist you in finding the answer to all your automotive needs. Dave knows his field and he knows what he doesn’t know. He will immediately identify your needs and make a recommendation even if it’s to another trusted provider.TIRE WORLD Bridgestone TIRE WORLD FLAG cat-summerhp
I wish I could find this quality in all the people I deal with on a daily basis.
Now, back to the original question plus a little F.Y.I. .
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April 2012
Tire-Related Factors in the Pre-Crash Phase
U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in the interest of information exchange.

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Mom at Habanero Hots

Do the Caregivers”Really” Care?

Mom and CocoAfter nine months of blatant denial, our family had to face the facts that Mom’s disturbing and sometimes bizarre behavior was an illness, Alzheimer or Dementia, whatever. Mom was not the same and she was not getting any better. The fact is she was getting worse and we were not equipped to care for her anymore. The great care-givers we had coming to her home were not adequate and Mom was rushed to the hospital and a rehabilitation center.
This was not good. The “over medicated” babbling, incoherent person was totally not Mom. After watching her lay in bed day-in and day-out, we chose, with constant reassurance, Brookdale Kettleman Lane, Lodi, CA Alzheimer’s Care.Brookdale Kettleman Lane
Well that was less than three weeks ago. The first week everything seemed fine. Week two, when we entered the facility, we couldn’t find Mom. The caretakers couldn’t find Mom. The search began! “You go that way and we will go this way. We will find her”. They did in another room, sleeping in someone’s bed?
The Medication Nurse told me that she had seen “Luella” walking down the hall and she said she was tired so “I told her to go to her room”.
I had to grab the desk as not to fall from shock. I asked how she could tell a person that does not know where she is or who her son is, to go to “her room”. Isn’t this a “Memory Care Facility”?
When they brought Mom out of the room, she was wearing someone’s shoes. We had just bought her new shoes that are still lost? Everyone at Brookdale Kettleman Lane has the same story, “That’s what they do.  The residents wander into other resident’s rooms taking things.”Brookdale Kettleman Lane BEDROOM
Now, I had been glad I was sitting down when the Director told me that “the residents have gone into my office and taken my soda, pens, papers, etc.” Now my view may be clouded but from where you are sitting, can you see Negligent?
Well, at 5:34am this morning we received a call from Brookdale Kettleman Lane stating that Mom had fallen (where?) and appeared to have broken her leg and the ambulance was taking her to the hospital. They wanted to know where?
They are about 6 blocks from Lodi Memorial. Isn’t that one of the questions on the “Book-like” form that we filled out upon placing her in Brookdale Kettleman Lane?Brookdale Kettleman Lane PIANO
Mom is one month shy of her 94th birthday and she has fallen and she is surely not feeling GREAT. Where would you take your Mom?
Now I can focus and I see “Indifference”. Yes, I know the pain is a little stronger for me.
Brookdale Kettleman Lane portrayed their facility and staff as the “All and ALL” for Memory care but when “I” called the facility (11 am) to inquire about what happened to Mom, I was presented with so much “rhetoric” and excuses about how they CAN NOT provide(State License) care that may have prevented this situation. The Director had NO IDEA THAT ANYTHING HAD HAPPENED?Brookdale Kettleman Lane 2
Now it is time for us to PRAY that Mom makes it through this ordeal and for me to make sure another’s’ “LOVED ONE” does not meet the same fate. Mom broke her hip in an “un-witnessed event” at Brookdale Kettleman Lane.
Mom will have surgery today.
The doctor advised us of the anesthesia side effects for Mom since she is “so frail.”2015-07-26 14.42.28

Gail Wilson a “blog newbie” @
A little about me:
Gail has over 30 years of business development, advertising sales, magazine publishing, and customer service. My trusted attributes are: detail oriented, outstanding attentiveness, diplomatic, trustworthy, dedicated relaxed attitude. I am resourceful.
I want to contribute to the world and leave a lasting impression.
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house 4

McGrath & Associates’ $2,495 full-service flat-fee program

House 1McGrath & Associates’ $2,495
full-service flat-fee program continues to provide smart home sellers with an affordable

1965 Taramea Lane Ceres

Mr. Jones of 1965 Taramea Lane, Ceres, sold his property for $17,000 over the asking price and
saved thousands off traditional real estate commissions using McGrath & Associates $2,495 flat-fee,
full-service program. Guaranteed savings.

According to Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D., Realtor broker-owner, technology has revolutionized the cost of selling your property. Now, it is possible for home sellers to save thousands of dollars using an affordable and much more sensible full-service $2,495 flat-fee program that saves thousands of dollars off traditional real estate commissions.

hand complete puzzle home as concept

Rick McGrath will solved your “Home Seller” puzzle

Home sellers traditionally depend on Realtors to list their homes for a hefty commission because they control access to the MLS. Now, thanks to growing technology, the Internet has developed platforms open to public viewing. Now, every prospective home-buyer, every investor and every real estate agent gets instant notification of properties listed.

Technology has changed the way we book our vacations, hotels and airline tickets.

“The future of selling real estate is no different and that future is here,” says McGrath. “For years, large brick and mortar real estate firms have enjoyed making their fortunes off the hard-earned equity of home-owners. They want you to believe that you need to pay huge commissions to get the exposure you need and negotiate for top dollar.

Gold Key With Welcome Home Text As Symbol For Property And Ownership

Gold Key With Welcome Home According to Rick McGrath

“That is nothing further from the truth. Once your listing is submitted to the MLS and our syndicated website, every licensed agent, prospective buyer and investor will see it. In today’s Internet world, the size of the real estate company doesn’t matter. The only question is how much will it cost for the same results? You can pay 6 percent, 5 percent, or even 4 percent, but why? There is no sense in paying so much when there is a more affordable alternative available.

“The current real estate market is on fire and often properties sell within a few days, many getting multiple offers. Sellers now have an opportunity to cash in on their hard-earned equity and save thousands of dollars using our $2,495 flat-fee pro-gram,” says McGrath.

“Home sellers routinely wonder, ‘Why do I have to pay twice as much as the person who has a $100,000 home? They pay $6,000 but because I have a $200,000 property, Realtors want to charge me $12,000. Realtors spend the same amount of time on both properties.’ We believe these home sellers have a valid concern,” says McGrath. There is no reason for home sellers to have to pay more than they should.

Coins Around House Shows Home Savings Or Construction Business

For anyone thinking of selling, it’s important to price you property within market value.

“The typical real estate agent spends approximately six hours, start to finish, with each home seller or buyer,” McGrath says.

“When you put that into perspective based on an hourly rate, we can understand why home sellers feel like they’re being taken advantage of. There are hundreds of homeowners who would like to sell and move but they just don’t have enough equity, especially when they have to pay such high commission rates to sell their property.”

Each month dozens of proper-ties go unsold because homeowners have to list well above market value, hoping to cover the costs needed to move and pay the real estate agent. This is why McGrath & Associates has taken technology to the next level by developing its full-service, flat-fee program for an affordable $2,495.

“This isn’t a For Sale by Owner or discount program. Though we do offer a For Sale By Owner program for $1,495,” says McGrath. “Unlike other real estate companies, we are committed to giving each home seller everyday advertising in the Modesto Bee until the property is sold. Each property is listed on our syndicated Web site that publishes to,,,,

Yahoo, Google real estate and

many others.

McGrath & Associates cooper-ate with other real estate compa-nies as often as possible, listing properties on the local MLS for as little as 2 percent commission. This provides even more expo-sure and ensures home sellers get the most for their property. When we bring the buyer, the seller only pays a $2,495 flat-fee plus ordinary seller closing costs associated with selling property.

“We handle all the negotiations to make sure our clients get top dollar and handle all the required paperwork and duties common to Realtors from start to finish, McGrath says. “Everyone pays the same amount.”

These home sellers will save thousands:

A 3804 Argonaut, Modesto, saved thousands off traditional commissions.3804 Argonaut Modesto Pool

A 1615 Flower Garden, Ceres, saved thousands off traditional commissions.1615 Flower Garden Ct Ceres, CA

A 242 Scarlet, Patterson, saved thousands off traditional commissions.242 Scarlet Patterson CA balcony view

For those who have tried to sell in the past 12 months and beyond, properties may have gone unsold because the asking

price was in excess of market value.

“This is the perfect program that just might make all the difference in the world. The market is very hot right now and proper-ties are selling for top dollar,” says McGrath.

For anyone thinking of selling, it’s important to price your property within market value.

“Overpricing your property will cause you to miss out on the ‘newness’ that occurs within the first few weeks properties come on the market. Buyers tend to look at what is just listed and forget what is still left on the market, chasing the next ‘just listed’ property,” says McGrath. “If you’re looking for an easier way to sell your home and save thousands of dollars, then it’s time to put our plan to work.”

Dozens of home sellers saved thousands of dollars in 2014 using McGrath’s services.

To discover how much you can save, call on McGrath & Associates today. Visit the website at: or call direct at (209) 996-3396. You can also call a freeprerecorded hotline at 1 (800) 388-9960 ext. 9113. Up to 40% Off on Accessories – Security & Surveillance with free shipping and No Tax!!!

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PG&E has called a SmartDay event for Thursday, June 25, 2015.

PG&E has called a SmartDay event for Thursday, June 25, 2015. Remember to
reduce your energy use between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. to save energy when
electric rates are highest.

For more information, or to update your notification preferences, please
visit or call 1-866-743-0263. Learn how to save energy on
SmartDays at the following:

SmartDay tips to save energy

• You can save by raising your air conditioner thermostat setting about
four degrees, and using your ceiling fan to circulate air. If you’re also
enrolled in SmartAC, your air conditioner already cycles during SmartDay
events, but raising your thermostat will help you save even more.
• Shift your dish washing and laundry to before 2 p.m. or after 7 p.m. on
SmartDays. Plus you can save every day by taking advantage of rebates and
upgrading to energy efficient appliances.
• Remember to unplug small appliances and devices when not in use. If left
plugged in, these items can draw power even when switched “off” or in
standby mode.
• On hot days, close your windows and draw shades or curtains closed to
help keep cool air from escaping.

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