Front Porch Front Page

Front Porch Front Page is my way of saying “Let’s not be strangers.”  Not necessarily to be my friend and then that would be O.K…  FPFP is a Good News platform unless I feel something  very important needs to be shared here or on or . Not likely but for full disclosure purposes, I’m just saying.

We (when I say we, that means me and a little help from my friends) distribute about 1200-1300 copies door-to-door, covering an area ranging from Scott Drive to Fifth Street, and from Save Mart out to roughly Walmart on my walking route. On occasions, you may find an issue wandering around “anywhere”. We’ve strengthened our online presence through our updated website now located at @ or

An issue is printed every 30 days. Needless to say, this takes some commitment and dedication.

Front Porch Front Page is a very informal and unstructured operation, which are perhaps both positive and negative. Typically, there is a theme of “What is happen in Atwater, I am a Free Spirt and “This is what it is.” If you want to know more about me check out any of my social media pages i.e. . I am a fun loving observer who is also an Great Grandmother. Don’t hold that against me. Time won’t stand still for you, either. I have been a resident of Atwater since June 2009. I came with hopes, dreams and ATT. Well, most of you know the end of that story.

I re-invent myself regularly, it’s in my blood, and I was born and raised in Texas. Texans are known for creating means and ways out of pure necessity. FPFP is yet another creation. Publishing and Sharing (I don’t sell, I share). What better way to do both that “Front Porch Front Page”!

Front Porch Front Page will always be distributed free of charge. So where does the money come from?  My other creation www.ServiceConnection.BIZ.  If interested and you have a business that could use some honest diligent marketing, I would suggest you check it out. If you would like to share your “Business Related Thought” please check out www.ServiceConnection.BIZ otherwise, I hope you enjoy this “7 Wonders of Atwater”

Thank you

Gail S Wilson, Success@ServiceConnection.BIZ