As a Valley business, organization, municipality or individual, you can make changes – small or large – that will bring us closer to our goal of clean air for everyone. As a Healthy Air Living Partner, you become an ally in our shared mission of healthier living and cleaner air.

The District currently offers several school bus programs that provide funding to school districts and other qualifying agencies to reduce children’s exposure to harmful pollutants and assist with compliance of ARB’s in-use Truck and Bus Regulation.

Healthy Air Living Partners receive tools and resources … free of charge … to help you put clean-air strategies into action! CHECK BEFORE YOU BURN!

Some Healthy Air Living Partner organizations have joined the fight for clean air by offering ride sharing programs or reducing energy usage. Another simple strategy is to reduce vehicle trips by adding more on-site services for employees such as break rooms and picnic areas.

Educational or faith-based organizations can also help their audiences learn how easy it is to make clean-air changes. There are many creative, low-cost strategies to reducing emissions both organizationally and personally.

Periodic updates will keep you in the know about clean air programs and upcoming events. And we will showcase your commitment to the number one quality of life issue in the Valley: cleaning up our air.

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Here are highlights from the Valley Air District’s most recent board meeting:


The San Joaquin Valley Air District is a public health agency whose mission is to improve the health and quality of life for all Valley residents through efficient, effective and entrepreneurial air quality management strategies. Our Core Values have been designed to ensure that our mission is accomplished through common sense.

Protection of Public Health

The District shall continue to strive to protect the health of Valley residents through efforts to meet health-based state and federal ambient air-quality standards, based on science and prioritized where possible using health-risk reduction strategies.

Active and effective air pollution control efforts with minimal disruption to the Valley’s economic prosperity

District staff shall work diligently to adopt and fully implement cost-effective air pollution-control measures, provide meaningful incentives for reducing emissions, and develop creative alternatives for achieving emissions reductions.

Outstanding Customer Service

District staff shall work to provide excellent customer service for stakeholders in activities including: rule and plan development; permitting and emissions inventory functions; compliance activities; financial and grant-funding transactions; and responses to public complaints and collaboratively, in carrying out the District’s mission.

Ingenuity and innovation

The District values innovation and ingenuity in meeting the challenges we face. Examples of this spirit of innovation include developing programs that provide new incentives for emissions reductions, and providing alternate compliance strategies that supplement traditional regulatory efforts and generate more emissions reductions than could otherwise be reasonably obtained.

Accountability to the public

The District serves, and is ultimately accountable to, the people of the Valley for the wise and appropriate use of public resources, and for accomplishing the District’s mission with integrity and honesty.

Open and transparent public processes

The District shall continue to provide meaningful opportunities for public input and be responsive to all public inquiries.

Recognition of the uniqueness of the San Joaquin Valley

The Valley’s meteorology, topography and economy differ significantly from those in other jurisdictions. Although it is valuable to review and evaluate efforts of other agencies, we must consistently look for solutions that fully consider the Valley’s unique needs.

Continuous improvement

The District works to continually improve its internal operations and processes, and strives to streamline District operations through optimally utilizing information technology and human resources.

Effective and efficient use of public funds

The District shall continually strive to efficiently use all resources and to minimize costs associated with District functions.

Respect for the opinions and interest of all Valley residents

The District shall respect the interests and opinions of all Valley residents and fully consider these opinions, working collaboratively, in carrying out the District’s mission.