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Coupon book for the Valley.

The Valley Value Coupon Book is only weeks away.

Attention: Local Business we have a page dedicated to showcasing your offer(s).  The premier printing (5,000) will hit the streets of ATWATER on or before 2/15/2018.  Introducing  Local Businesses to Newcomers and Valley Natives. Our goal is to provide a WIN-WIN situation for non-profit organizations and offer local businesses an opportunity to make a difference.

Since $1.00 of every book sold will be donated to my charity Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, we are paying it forward and creating goodwill for all concerned.

Please join us by purchasing a page or two. You decide, each page is $100.00 and will be valid for a full 3 months. I am sure your CFO/Accounting Department will appreciate that your total investment per page equals .02, YES 2 cents!

Yes, you do the math. Imagine YOUR Local Business combined with other Local Businesses creating a valued-packed coupon book worth over $1000 (if every page is offering a discount of $5.00 or more.) Now, just how hard will it be to find customers that will buy the Valley Value Coupon Book not to mention the Local Business _ coupon?

To add your 2 cents, please call Gail Wilson at 209-712-8997 to discuss your options. Enclosed please find additional information to secure your position.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Gail Wilson, Success@ServiceConnection.Biz  Professionally Done Marketing and consulting dba Valley Value Coupon Book.  





Purpose Driven/Goal Driven-The Only Thing Matters is Results!

Gail S. Wilson Success@ServiceConnection.Biz   www.ServiceConnection.Biz  209-712-8997